For the first time ever humanity is facing problems that are truly global in scale. The ability to think, plan and act from a global perspective is therefore one of humanities greatest future challenges.


The I SEE project seeks to inspire in all citizens a new sense of global belonging and interdependence.

I SEE is about seeing the big picture. The I SEE project proposes to create a new distributed communication arena that addresses this global and all-including way of thinking through a stunning and compelling audiovisual experience. It’s a project that pushes the boundaries of the modern artistic, cinematic and narrative concepts s well as the museum exhibition formats to a hitherto unrealized level.


Live audiovisual content from carefully selected spots around the world is broadcasted live in high definition via satellite or broadband Internet using panoramic video and surround sound. Specially designed telepresence technology enables direct 2-way communication and interaction. By presenting this in a number of immersive audiovisual rooms we create a sensation of “NOW” and “RIGHT HERE” – on our planet.