PASSION is a documentary journey filled with hope, vitality and passion. We travel through enviroments where crime, addiction and poverty are more or less constantly present. But in this darkness, there is a light. The Music.


But in this darkness, there is a light.

The musical and social experiment El Sistema ideas are now spreading all over the world, with great force and success through the all the layers of society. The international media is treating El Sistema with a mixture of humble praises and on the other hand, critism concerning top-down management, blind discipline and secteristic behavour. It’s starting to look like one of all those success stories , were everything starts to spin in a very high speed, and were the ending is far beyond reach.

In Passion, we want to go down to the roots, to the sites and to the small part of the world were El Sistema once started. The places were the power of music succeeded in turning the progress for each individual kid and even for whole societies all together.

We travel to crime-strained ghettos i Latin America , to orphanages in Greenland were the kids been driven from their homes because of their parents alkoholism, to the every-day life of political oppression in Palestine, and to Scotland, were the upgrowing kids already are marked by the effects of unemployment. But, in these societies, and other similar places, music is beginning to make a difference. Music is starting to turn things over.

Passion is a search for the power behind this phenomena. It ́s an explosive story where rock-hard destinys are woven together with the healing power hidden in the most cross-boundary art form of humanity – music.