The World is My Oyster (TWIMO) supports a global awakening. The project proposes to develop a Site, a publicly accessible destination that merges architecture, environment and serendipitous streams of consciousness to promote a holistic awareness of mankind and the planet we inhabit.

The TWIMO Project aims to build a destination in a place of serenity and natural beauty that invites reflection about our collective future. We invite you to take part in our vision, for the world is your oyster.

It is yours to explore, yours to cherish, yours to own.


Awareness. Interdependence. Perspective. Context.

Nestled in a lush and secluded scenery, the Oyster lies at the apex of a winding path. The short walk through the serenity of nature leads up to the discovery of the majestic Dome, where a breath-taking experience of the Earth awaits.

Zooming out from the surface of the planet to a perspective far out in space, we are reminded and awed of the scope of our existence. Exiting the Dome, the visitor progresses through a sombre stone clad passage leading into the hall of Today: a dreamscape of real-time streamed media from thousands of contributors worldwide.

Leaving the hall the visitor enters the cavernous Oyster, an austere and seemingly disconnected alternate reality that offers a place for contemplation and deep inner thought about The Whole. In the Oyster, a solitary Pearl of light, hovering above ground, is the focal point of the experience.